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The massage main task – to return a human body to natural "drawing". To provide to a backbone and joints freedom and ease during movements, to muscles – elasticity and plasticity, working capacity. To restore in fabrics blood circulation, a lymph and an interfabric liquid, to make active deducing from an organism of toxins, to raise a power exchange, to stimulate protective and reserve forces of an organism.

The masseur spends the complex approach to an organism as to a single whole, and treatment occurs thanks to surprising ability of an organism to increasingly, self-control. Massage stimulates own protective mechanisms of an organism, induces it to address to the reserves.

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The organism is a self-adjusted system, it treats itself(himself) if this mechanism is serviceable and adjusted. But at times the organism doesn't have not enough internal reserves then to the aid of it the expert understanding a body should come and able with it to work.

The first and main action renders massage on nervous system.

Hence, massage – a treatment method reflex as on a reflex arch the masseur influences not only muscles and the oporno-impellent device, but also on all internal of the person.

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In this section I would like to tell shortly about those huge and really magic possibilities which massage as gives us a medical method.

It first. And secondly – as a method complete, a clearing organism and as a whole improving quality of life.

As shows my experiment of dialogue with the patients, many modern people badly imagine that such massage. From experience I can tell that many of patients at the first dialogue to the masseur have one question – Whether it can set backbone disks.

It is important to understand that massage is, first of all, the medical method allowing in a special way to influence all bodies and systems of the person.